“SALAAM ZINDAGI” Charitable Trust, an organization, established in 2008 with a vision “Triple-S”(Safe, Secure, sheltered) initiated by the youth. It was brought into existence to serve as a link between those who have resources to share with those who are deprived of such resources and are in dire need of help. Through this organization, our ongoing programs are serving humanity in all the possible ways and means. Our program focuses on health, education and community development. “We are here to support many causes like helping victims of Natural Disaster, financial support to the needy patient, women, and Child Welfare, Community rehabilitation, and awareness campaigns.


Our organization has Trustees and volunteer workers who collect funds relentlessly from all segments of space who never refuse a donation – whether it is Rupee coin or multiple funds and acknowledge the donor thankfully with a receipt. “SALAAM ZINDAGI” Charitable Trust, has never ever taken any funds from Government or Private Organisation, it’s a self-funded organization and generate funds according to the requirement directly from the community. No one is paid as a worker of “SALAAM ZINDAGI, we aim for the social welfare of our society. India does not have any fixed liability, hence the cost of operation is less than 5%, this helps the organization in using funds for the social cause itself. The organization is catering to Improvised needy people. Every donation made is authenticated with a receipt with respect to an individual, firm or organization.


We” youth of “SALAAM ZINDAGI” want to be fair with everyone, we want a justice in our country where no one is the prey of others, where there is no poverty and vice, we want unity in our country where successes shall be found on service and honor will be given to nobleness. We want every individual to expand their hands towards charity and serve to needy one. We want everyone to use his/her talent to build a faith community that is independent of all the vices. We want everyone to feel his/her power and healing touch in serving humanity. To serve humanity by all the means and ways. To help the needy patients for their treatments financially and morally. To help the victims of disasters, such as flood, landslides, Tsunamis, Earthquakes by providing them with basic needs of food, shelter, blankets, bedding, clothing, water & sanitation solutions and other. To help the families of the Missing Children/person in India. To bring the technology intervention for the betterment of the societies. To involve youth in social activities/innovations and community outreach programs and motivate them to become a valuable asset of the Country. To work for the Women & Child Safety To help the needy persons as early as possible in the time of emergency/disaster. To bring together masses and classes to co-operate with each other in serving humanity. To enter every field of social service step by step. To organize special drives to provide sufficient clothing to the need/under-privileged in winters. To make aware every citizen of Government Policies and schemes for them. To provide basic health services to the masses. To help the community and society at large in eradicating major diseases. Which are affecting the masses like epidemics in a co-operative manner? To adopt a humanistic approach towards social evils like child labor, dowry, and female feticide and bring together the masses to raise voice against these. To bring together every section of society in achieving the aim of Salaam Zindagi. Salaam Zindagi aims at life is precious serve it with full zeal and co-operation of all. Live and let live and make our life a beautiful garden adorned with flowers of different colors of life. To provide Internships to the Indian and Foreign students. To create a global network of Happiness Ambassadors