“Erratically it is undemanding to lose one’s Trust. However, by helping and treating with kindness we can reignite hope in an individual.”

“SALAAM ZINDAGI” Charitable Trust, an organization, established in 2008 with a vision “Triple-S”(Safe, Secure, sheltered) initiated by the youth. It was brought into existence to serve as a link between those who have resources to share with those who are deprived of such resources and are in dire need of help.

Through this organization, our ongoing programs are serving humanity in all the possible ways and means. Our program focuses on health, education and community development.

“We are here to support many causes like helping victims of Natural Disaster, financial support to the needy patient, women, and Child Welfare, Community rehabilitation, and awareness campaigns.

Meet Out Volunteers

Become a Volunteer?

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

We are friendly to each other.
If you join with us,We will give you free training.
Its an opportunity to help poor children.
No goal requirements.
Joining is tottaly free. We dont need any money from you.

How “We” Work?

Our organization has Trustees and volunteer workers who collect funds relentlessly from all segments of space who never refuse a donation – whether it is Rupee coin or multiple funds and acknowledge the donor thankfully with a receipt. “SALAAM ZINDAGI” Charitable Trust, has never ever taken any funds from Government or Private Organisation, it’s a self-funded organization and generate funds according to the requirement directly from the community.

No one is paid as a worker of “SALAAM ZINDAGI, we aim for the social welfare of our society. India does not have any fixed liability, hence the cost of operation is less than 5%, this helps the organization in using funds for the social cause itself. The organization is catering to Improvised needy people. Every donation made is authenticated with a receipt with respect to an individual, firm or organization.

People Contributed Through Salaam Zindagi in Various Initiatives So Far

People Around The World Volunteered with Salaam Zindagi So Far

People Impacted Across India Under Various Initiatives Of Salaam Zindagi

Partnered including Schools, Colleges, Universities and Corporates